More Roller Skating Facts

We are on the last few weeks of the National Roller Skating Month! Here are some more cool facts!


  • First official U.S. Amateur Speed Skating Championship races held April 2-4, 1937 at the Arena Gardens rink in Detroit, Michigan.
  • In the summer of 1866, the NYRSA leased the fashionable resort hotel, the Atlantic House, in Newport, Rhode Island, and converted the dining room into a skating area. This was the first roller skating rink open to the public in the United States.
  • Roller Skating is recognized by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and recommended by the American Heart Association as aerobic fitness. Studies show that roller skating provides a complete aerobic workout and involves all of the body’s muscles, especially the heart.

Roller Skating Facts

Here are some fun facts on skating since October is National Roller Skating Month!

  • Around 10.8 million people roller skate (quad skates).
  • Around 9 million inline skate.
  • One of the safest sports and recreation activities for kids of all ages is roller skating indoors. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has found roller skating twice as safe as the local playground and three times safer than a game of basketball or football.


During the month of October any Wed. & Friday afternoon session from 1-5pm the admission is only $5 (includes quad rental) and $1 for blades/speed skates on those. Come enjoy our new resurfaced skating floor!

Back To School Skate & Dance

SND SPECIAL EVENT SKATE!  7-11PM $12 admission (includes all skates)

Join your friends to socialize and skate, at 10:00 our skate floor turns into one of the largest dance floors around complete with great music and light show.



Roller Skating Facts!

In 1857 the first skating rinks opened in London. By 1880 roller skates were being mass produced. Roller blades didn’t really become popular until the 1980’s. Also the Drive In’s started having their servers wear skates to serve customers in the 1950’s through the 1960’s. Even today you can visit your local Sonic and see them server in their skates!  Did you also know that skating for an hour can burn up 400 to 600 calories! WOW.

National Roller Skating Month

National Rollerskating month2President Reagan declared October National Roller Skating Month in 1983! The first recorded use of roller skates was documented in 1743.  Not only is skating something you can do all year round because skating at Jellybeans is indoors, but its a great way to exercise and have fun with the family! Stay tuned for more skating facts all month long!